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“The One Who Loves You” is an American Independent film that recreates the South of the 1970s, bringing it vividly to life through a potent soundtrack, authentic production design, and unforgettable characters, while paying homage to the stripped-down style of films from that era such as The Last Picture Show & Nashville.

It’s 1974. Gloria Bethune faces a bleak existence when she retreats to her small hometown after failing as a singer in New York. She falls for a grifter who claims to be the former manager of a famous Country singer. Through this flawed man’s apparent faith in her, Gloria’s passion for singing is reborn, but she is pushed into uncharted territory.

Enhancing the 1970′s flavor of “The One Who Loves You” is its roots-inspired Country soundtrack, which features music by the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Phil Lee (“The Mighty King of Love”). The movie also includes a new recording of Lee’s “I’m The Why She’s Gone” by hard-core country maverick and Austin Music Hall of Famer Dale Watson, as well as scorching performances by country Academy of Country Music Awards nominees Jann Browne (“Ain’t No Train”) and Joy Lynn White (“One More Time”).

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