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From the Starz Denver Film Festival:

“Many films about the underdog going forth to pursue her dreams address the initial attempt; The One Who Loves You is about the failed ‘happily ever after.’ Gloria, a mediocre singer with hopeless optimism, finds herself back in her small South Carolina hometown after trying to hit it big in New York City. She is received with mixed reactions—contempt from her sister for having delusions of grandeur, awe from townspeople for her has-been days. It soon becomes painfully clear that after someone leaves home to go out into the world, they change drastically, while back home, things are stagnant. You can never be on the same page again.

Gloria meets local shyster Roy, who bounces from woman to woman. They either feel sorry for him or are enchanted by his charm. He seems to believe in Gloria, and her faith in herself is renewed. Roy tells Gloria he used to manage a popular country star and persuades her to give her career another shot. When he disappears, Gloria heads to Nashville to find him. Disappointment naturally follows, but rather than return home, Gloria finds new strength and thrives in a time when others would throw in the towel.

The One Who Loves You’s style pays tribute to New Hollywood cinema, but Beaty Reynolds’s script avoids the bleak resolutions so common to that era. Contemporary pictures set in the mid-1970s can appear ridiculous, but here the set design, props, and costumes are fabulously authentic…With music recorded especially for the film, The One Who Loves You will linger in your memory.”