Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival Official Selection

BareBonesOur love affair with Oklahoma continues: “The One Who Loves You” is an official selection for the Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival. We’re screening on Friday, April 11th, 1:30 PM at the classic Roxy Theater in Muskogee. Ticket information is forthcoming.

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About the Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival:

Created by filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors for filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors who are involved in independent motion picture projects anywhere in the world.

Named one of the “25 Festivals worth the entry fee” by Moviemaker Magazine and named one of the “20 best festivals for new and emerging filmmakers.” PBS included Bare Bones as one of the top 20 documentary festivals. The Bare Bones Film Festival experience has long been touted as the “Friendliest Film Festival” by the many filmmakers who return year after year.

The festival will feature narrative and documentary features, short documentary, short narrative and student films, music videos, animation and live screenplay readings in it’s competitive program.

Live music and entertainment, classic car shows, receptions, afterparties, tours of surrounding areas make this festival a relaxed atmosphere where you are treated like royalty, make lasting friends and receive the recognition you deserve whether you are the top winner or not.

We strive to help you find a home for your film. Bare Bones World Cinema is launching a distribution sales option for short and feature filmmakers.

Our panels are designed to give you the filmmaker a chance to be in the spotlight as you share and enhance your filmmaking and film marketing knowledge. Bare Bones is also known for it’s focus on youth in front and behind the camera, introducing visiting film festival participants to the next generation of filmmakers via movie-biz career days, kids view talk show and youth talent spotlight during the Bonehead Awards Gala.

Bare Bones is home of the Indie Auteur where recognition is given to those who manage to wear a minimum of 5 hats (positions) bridging pre-post production and marketing. Up to 12 Indie Auteurs may be honored during the festival with one being named Indie Auteur of the Year!

About “The One Who Loves You”

“The One Who Loves You” is an American independent film that recreates the South of the 1970s, bringing this time and place vividly to life through a potent down-home soundtrack and unforgettable characters, while paying homage to the stripped-down, raw style of films from that period such as The Last Picture Show and Nashville.

It’s 1974. Gloria Bethune faces a bleak existence when she retreats to her small hometown after failing as a singer in New York. She falls for a grifter who claims to be the former manager of a famous Country singer. Through this flawed man’s apparent faith in her, Gloria’s passion for singing is reborn, but she is pushed into uncharted territory.

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