Katharyn Grant

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KATHARYN (“KAYTI”) GRANT has written, directed, and starred in several short films in collaboration with her current producing partner, Chris Graves; titles include The Accoutrement, Dave and Nadine, and The Tao of Pez which have screened on IFC (Independent Film Channel), at Starz Film Center, and at the Broad Humor Film Festival in Los Angeles and Rome, where she won a special prize for “Best Wacky Comedy.”  She studied acting with William Alderson from the Neighborhood Playhouse and Jack Waltzer from the Actor’s Studio.  Grant has appeared onstage in several critically acclaimed plays in the Denver area; favorite roles include Catherine Holly in Tennessee William’s Suddenly Last Summer, Hypation in G.B. Shaw’s Misalliance, and Sophie in Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant.  Currently she performs in comedies at Adam’s Mystery Playhouse and has toured internationally via Armed Forces Entertainment, performing at U.S. military bases in England, Europe, Asia, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam.  Last year Monkey Puzzle Press published a volume of her poetry and visual art entitled Interior Life, which The Boston Literary Review called “an adventure for the eyes and a journey for the spirit.”  She received her degree in creative writing and visual art from the University of Denver.

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Beaty Reynolds

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During his 20 years in Hollywood, BEATY REYNOLDS wrote screenplays for  producers Laura Ziskin, Diane Keaton, Diana Kerew, Jerry Bick, and Arlene Sellers , and worked as a screenwriter for Paramount, Sony Pictures, Fox TV, Columbia Studios, NBC, CBS, and HBO. Puppy Love, which he scripted, won best short film at the L.A. Independent Film Festival and screened at the New York Film Festival. An except from his novel Junkyard People was published in the Mid-American Review.  The New Orleans Theatre Festival produced his play Visiting. His plays have also been produced in New York City and Atlanta.
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Chris Graves
Producer/Director of Photography

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CHRIS GRAVES has been making animated and live action movies since he commandeered his neighbor’s super-8 camera at the age of nine, and doing photography since building his own pinhole camera at age 11. He studied at the University of Colorado, concentrating on cinematography after studies in computer science, engineering,  business, marketing and photojournalism. His first feature as Director of Photography was Trey Parker’s Cannibal: The Musical with whom he shares a 1993 Student Academy Award in animation for the film American History

After completing his BFA in Film he pursued other interests outside of filmmaking: Internationally published photojournalist and fine art photographer, founder and publisher of the Denver arts magazine The Invisible Sun, and founder of, now the world’s largest Macintosh-centric web hosting company.

In 2011 he returned full-time to his first love, filmmaking, co-writing and producing the TV pilot 13th and Pearl, starring Christine Elise McCarthy (ER90210). The One Who Loves You is his first feature as producer.

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Jeanne Field
Executive Producer

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JEANNE FIELD has produced films, videos and plays, worked as crew, and represented screenwriters, journalists and novelists.  Some of her credits are Woodstock, Eraserhead, Marjoe, The Last Waltz, Rust Never Sleeps, Shadows and Light, Refuge of the Road, Uforia. Currently, she has produced and crewed on three short films, developed and set up four feature films for clients, and three reality television shows.
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Griffith M. Morgan III

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Griffith M. Morgan III has been working as a film and video artist since 1984.

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Irvin Paik

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IRVIN PAIK edited Visas and Virtue which won an Academy Award in the short film category.  He started his career at Warner Bros. as an editorial apprentice stripping reels of film for fill leader.  He became a looping editor then moved to Universal where he worked as a Foley artist then became an assistant editor At Universal Studios.  He was an editor on  Gangster Chronicles, Kate Columbo, Voyagers, Scene of the Crime,  and Outlaws.    He was an additional editor on Airwolf, Captains and the Kings, Knightrider and  Wheels.  At Warner Bros. he did additional editing on China Beach  and Angel Street.  Independently he co-edited MOW’s and did additionl editing on Friday Night Lights.  He edited behind the scenes and gag reels for ER including a 15 year retrospective.

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Phil Lee

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Before he settled in to becoming one of the best songwriters in captivity PHIL LEE spent a couple of decades playing drums, driving trucks, dumping motorcycles, hauling equipment, stealing hearts, eluding the authorities and raising Cain.

By the time most artists get to their third or fourth album they are down to the material that didn’t make the cut for the first two. It is no mean feat to make four albums that stand on their own, each one as good as the last , yet also better in some way. It’s a pretty mighty achievement. Somehow, Phil Lee, knife-thrower, raconteur, rapscallion, bon vivant, and the pride of Durham, North Carolina, has pulled it off.

His latest album, The Fall and Further Decline of the Mighty King of Love, is all the more impressive when you realize there have also been side projects including touring, recording a DVD, Phil Lee Live! At the Purple Onion, with L.A. Johnson, the head of Neil Young’s Shakey Pictures production company, touring, contributing songs to and making his silver screen debut in The One Who Loves You, and an ultrasecret project with a collaborator-to-be-named-later. Word has it he’s even working on reinventing the Tijuana Bible.

Phil Lee’s Website

Cathy Reinking, CSA

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CATHY REINKING, CSA has been working as a Casting Director in Hollywood since the early ‘90s, working on Frasier, Arrested Development, According to Jim, and countless other shows, pilots, films, web series, commercials, plays – you name the genre, she has cast it. She also served as NBC’s Manager of Casting and holds a degree in theatre arts from UCLA, where she graduated magna cum laude. She just recently left her two year stint as the Casting Director and Rights Associate for L.A. Theatre Works, which produces 10 live shows and upwards of 5 “in-studio” recordings of plays a year. She has taught acting all around the country and recently spent a semester teaching “Acting and Directing for the Camera” at University of Colorado, Boulder, which brought together the film studies and theatre departments. She recently published the second edition of her book, How To Book Acting Jobs in TV and Film: The Truth About the Acting Industry – Conversations with a Veteran Hollywood Casting Director, which is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Cathy is also an award-winning stage director, stage manager, and writer, who has worked in California, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, and New York, doing everything from sweeping the floors in a regional theatre to being a finalist in the Nissan Focus Awards Screenplay Competition for her screenplay Lessons Learned.

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Supervising Sound Editor
Thomas A. Jenkins

David M. Renwick

Camera Assistants
Tess Canon
Jason Casarez

Jonathan Fulton
Jesse Sledge

Location Sound
Jesse Sledge
Jeff Deel

Second Assistant Director
Briel DiCristofaro

Production Assistants
CJ Pollara
Charles Sims
Caryn Sanchez
Brad Burrows

Additional Wardrobe/Stylist
Julie Ann Peternel

Additional Camera
Gary Stefanski
David M. Renwick

Weapons Master
Justin Medlock

Re-recording mixer
Thomas A Jenkins

Dialogue Editorial
Scott Grusin

Additional Scoring
Scott Grusin
Peter Butterfield

Supervising Sound Effects Editor
Adam Jenkins

Supervising Re-recording mixer
Adam Jenkins

Digital Colorist
Michael Lauter

Digital Compositing
Griffith Morgan

Dave Ratner, Creative Law Network

Music Supervision
Beaty Reynolds

Music Rights
Laurie Hughes and Suzanne Kessler

Titles by
The Fellowship of the Thing, Ltd.

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