New England Premiere: SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival

2014 Laurels - Official Selection“The One Who Loves You” will be having its New England Premiere at the 6th Annual SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival in Providence, RI. We’ll be screening on Friday, April 25 at 6:45 pm at the beautiful Columbus Theatre (pictured below). Ticket information is available at the SENE Fest website, and at the Columbus Theater itself before the screening. Come on down.

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About the SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival:

Bringing people together through film, music and art

The SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival is a dynamic 6-day event based in Rhode Island dedicated to giving life to independent cinema, music and art.

Now in its 6th year, the Southeast New England Film, Music & Arts Festival has established itself as one of the premier festivals in New England dedicated to giving life to independent cinema, music and art.  Join us for 6 days of independent films, live music, art exhibits and lively parties. Meet filmmakers from all over the world, local artists and musicians all in one dynamic festival.   Events take place at venues in Providence and Warwick, RI including the historic Columbus Theatre, Cable Car Cinema, Warwick Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House.9860780_orig

The festival is produced by Southeast New England Film, Music and Arts, a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations to SENE are tax-deductible as allowed by law. The festival is 100% volunteer run. All donations go directly to producing the festival’s programs and events and supporting the work of filmmakers, musicians and artists.

About “The One Who Loves You”

“The One Who Loves You” is an American independent film that recreates the South of the 1970s, bringing this time and place vividly to life through a potent down-home soundtrack and unforgettable characters, while paying homage to the stripped-down, raw style of films from that period such as The Last Picture Show and Nashville.

It’s 1974. Gloria Bethune faces a bleak existence when she retreats to her small hometown after failing as a singer in New York. She falls for a grifter who claims to be the former manager of a famous Country singer. Through this flawed man’s apparent faith in her, Gloria’s passion for singing is reborn, but she is pushed into uncharted territory.

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