Lisa Kennedy (Denver Post) November 15, 2013

“The One Who Loves You” is the only independent film singled out by Denver Post Film Critic, Lisa Kennedy, in an article about the success of the Starz Denver Film Festival this year:

“As of Nov. 11, the festival had 38 sold-out screenings. Even a modest drama like Denver-based actress-director Katharyn Grant’s ‘The One Who Loves You’ filled a theater for a late Monday afternoon screening.”

Read the whole article here.


Kirk Montgomery (9 News) November 1, 2013

Kirk Montgomery, 9NewsKirk Montgomery of Denver’s NBC affiliate, 9News (KUSA-TV) leads his coverage of the 36th Starz Denver Film Festival by featuring “The One Who Loves You” (story starts at 2:40 into the video). You can see the video here.


Peter Jones ( October 30, 2013

RoyandGloria “Adding challenge upon challenge was screenwriter Beaty Reynolds’s Southern setting. Although the film’s budget kept the cast in Colorado, the producers were painstaking in their attention to period detail, taking weeks to find the right cars, rotary telephones or polyester outfits for Gloria’s guileless aspirations. Some scenes were reshot or cut when anachronistic details were spotted in the background.” “Such period-centricity is rare for lower-budget independent moviemaking, a branch of film for which any port in the storm – whatever its vintage – is often good enough.”


On The Blue Plate Special, WDVX Radio, Knoxville, September 19, 2013

Phil Lee and Katharyn Grant  “The One Who Loves You” director, Katharyn Grant , interviewed by WDVX’s Red Hickey, framed beautifully by Phil Lee performing some of the songs from “The One Who Loves You” and his new album “The Fall and Further Decline of the Mighty King of Love.” 


On Tennessee PBS, September 14th, 2013

“The One Who Loves You” featured on Tennessee PBS, during an interview with Knoxville Film Festival director, Keith McDaniel (pictured) @15:40… check it out!

Bob Bows (

“The film (was)  filled with all sorts of delightful surprises. At the top of the list is Grant’s singing. Who knew? … During Katharyn’s first song, I’m thinking, okay, this is lip-synched, so who did her singing; but as the story developed, I’m seeing that she’s singing this (and let me say that her singing itself, is worth the price of admission).”

Kathryn Gould (

part 1 of the article part 2 of the article This article refers to The One Who Loves You under its working title, Carolina Blue. “The story of the intrepid filmmakers of Carolina Blue is inspiring, considering they started with so little and have accomplished so much. Each member of the team has had brushes with great success only to end up discouraged when opportunities didn’t pan out. So director Katharyn Grant says they came together with the general feeling that “if the Universe isn’t going to provide that special opportunity for us to make it in our art, then let’s come together and do it ourselves.”