The Story behind the song “Who’s It Gonna Hurt?” by Phil Lee

recordplayerI had heard that Who’s It Gonna Hurt?, a previously unreleased recording by Phil Lee, now on our soundtrack, had skirted oblivion. It’s a true gem of a song.Wondering how the song survived and resurfaced after three decades, I asked Phil. The following is his response…

“As well as anyone can remember, this song was recorded in 1982, in a little studio in Hollywood, CA. The only known copy, a cassette tape, spent the next 30 years with Jan King, the other voice you hear on the song. It was in a box, traveling the country, living in closets, attics and trunks of cars until Jan rediscovered it and reminded me it was a good song that needed to be resurrected. At the time we were recording songs for The One Who Loves You and a request was put in for a poignant ballad. I sent in the wobbly cassette version, thinking, if they like it, we’ll recut it properly. Well, they liked it… but just like it was: no recut. I wasn’t at all convinced, but once ace recording engineer Michael Fleming and sound editor Tony Jenkins got their paws on it, the day was saved! It sounds absolutely great.

There is no inkling of it’s humble beginnings in a low budget Hollywood recording studio, it’s days on an inexpensive cassette tape, or it’s lonely life on the rough and rocky road with a sentimental singer who never had the heart to just throw it it in the trash….”

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